Portable Office Cabins

A portable office cabin has been around for a while and is mainly used by companies in different sectors.

Prefabricated Office Cabin

Metal prefab infra manufactures quality Portable Office Cabin in India. These cabins are ideally suited to withstand all sorts of weather conditions without jeopardizing your comfort. You don’t need to make a fortune in order to set up an office for your start-up. You can set it up for next to nothing and customize it to your needs with all the furniture you need. We can custom-design offices that are weather-proof and comfortable at any temperature. They come in many patterns and specifications and are most commonly available.

We manufacture a variety of Office cabins with different configurations that can be installed at your premises. There are many options available, with nationwide delivery.

Our office cabins are made from heavy-duty steel to withstand harsh weather conditions. Portable offices are available for purchase in different sizes and layouts to suit your needs. We Metal prefab infra are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Porta Cabins, Portable Cabin, Portable Office Cabin, Portable Security Cabins or Guard Cabins, Portable Toilets, Portable Bunk House, Portable Site Office Cabins and Portable Container as per client request.

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Portable Office Cabin

Why choose the ready made Portable Office Cabin?

Portable office cabins are made from heavy-duty steel to withstand harsh weather conditions.
We manufacture a variety of office cabins with different custom configurations.
We use lightweight panels that are easy to lift and install, which makes transportation easy for our Portable Office Cabin.

Portable office cabin Price and Specification


Rs 1.5 Lakhs Onwards